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From In-Development to Sales. We Seek for Your Project the Optimal International Partners & Services
After many years of doing the legwork in the industry, visiting film festival after film festival, expanding our networking and working on various projects all over the globe... our brand-name inspires Trust. So it is only natural that we want to use that Trust among the entertainment industry professionals to help them to find the right partners, collaborate, and together successfully realize their great projects.
The only way we can help a filmmaker find the right international partners, is by first evaluating the story and the project's potential to reach an international audience. At OTICONS we believe that every film project has to make sense in terms of being a Balancing Act between Artistic Qualities & Commercial Success. These are the projects that can excite our contacts... in order to become your co-production partners.
We help interesting film & series projects at any stage and of any status. We do prioritize though the most advanced in development, since the producers already know what elements they are still missing to finalize its co-production structure and financing. What we need you to send us, in order to help you, is the a Project Outline, with a Synopsis/Treatment/Script accompanied by a Budget Top Sheet and a Lookbook.

Sharing is Co-producing

Do you have your Project Outline & Script Ready? Share it with us and we'll brainstorm with you about its needs and potential solutions to meet them.
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The Formula for International Co-Productions

When we're dealing with international co-productions the 4 Steps remain the same; nevertheless they get a lot more complicated. In a co-production scheme, MUSIC becomes an element that is broken-down to many more elements-services that have to carefully be explored, selected, hired and contracted based on various parameters, limitations and prerequisites. Depending on (i) what co-producer you seek or you have found already and (ii) the funds your majority or minority co-producers bring in from their national fund - and in extent specific spending requirements, then the budgeting and financing of Music becomes a bigger headache.

In the following documentation, which was commissioned by the Mannheim Meeting Place Int'l Co-Production Event, you will find a more comprehensive analysis of the above steps but also it addresses in a detailed manner further topics.
Download PDF file: "Oticons Formula for Music Services within Co-Prods"