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A Premium & Boutique Film Composers Talent Agency

When it comes to our agency, Creatives never feel that they are talking with a mediator. At OTICONS we care about your vision and aim to help you acquire the most fitting film scoring talent to your project's needs. You will always feel like you are talking with another Creative. We read your scripts, check your lookbooks and pitch decks, watch dailies and trailers, and after talking extensively with you, we pitch you the right talent from our pool of composers.

 This is what makes OTICONS a truly international and one-of-kind Film & Media Composers Talent Agency.


George Christopoulos

"Music should be an extra invisible element that adds Life to a Film, not one more headache for a Production."
George, with a passion for film and film music spanning over 15 years, decided to pursue a career as a talent agent after connecting with Shigeru Umebayashi (known as Ume) in 2005. Ume, in his own words, acknowledged George as the first European to reach out to him. Prior to this, George was an accomplished designer, director, and producer of artistic and corporate multimedia events worldwide. Since 2010, he has been one of the most dynamic film composers agents, consultants, and film composers mentor in Europe.

Stavros Platsis

"There is no bigger satisfaction than to share with the world, partners and services that turn ideas into films."
Stavros, with over 30 years of experience as a businessman and entrepreneur, established his own Graphic Design Agency in Athens, Greece, in 1990. His entrepreneurial journey continued with the establishment of several more businesses in various territories. With a creative spirit, Stavros's love for cinema and music eventually found an outlet with Oticons, which he co-founded with his longtime friend and collaborator, George Christopoulos. His second-to-none business acumen is an invaluable part of Oticons agency.

The name "oticons" is a combination of the ancient Greek words "ota" (ears) and "ikon" (image). We created it in order to give our very own definition of Film Music: images which can be heard, music which can tell a story; or in one word... Oticons. Based on that concept, Oticons Ltd., was founded as a Talent Agency for Film Composers. It operates globally and specializes in facilitating international co-productions.

As a Europe-based agency, naturally our niche is to work with independent filmmakers on their projects, always trying to help them find the right Music solutions; within Brief, Deadline & Budget, no matter how low or high, complicated or not. This approach in conjunction with our expertise in international co-productions, has been a key factor for our success all these years. Our focus is simple: to always successfully match-make the right composer with the right director and the right story, facilitating at the same time all production aspects and/or co-production limitations.

And we could only accomplish that if we were representing outstanding talents, film scoring artists with a unique voice, flexibility & versatility, and music production capacities that are able to make happy any producer and any director of any kind of audiovisual project.

We are the Solution for International Co-Productions

Co-Producing Is Sharing, is the mantra of all producers that are involved in international co-productions. If you are a majority or minority co-producer that contributes to such an international co-production, then by exploring our talent agency's website you are presented with a unique opportunity to find the solution you seek production by choosing from a diverse pool of composers representing 20 different nationalities.

Choosing a composer from our agency's eclectic roster not only unlocks a world of creativity and fresh ideas but also presents the opportunity to find the perfect match in terms of nationality for your specific international co-production requirements. Should we represent the nationality you are seeking, the shared elements of your project can be expertly fulfilled by one of our talented individuals.

From the early stages of development, you can connect with us to identify the ideal Head of Department for Music in your co-production. Explore our lineup of composers spanning 20 nationalities and reach out to us as soon as you have inquiries or requests regarding how we can assist you in discovering the perfect talent among our top-tier composers. And please feel free to share with us the project's pitch deck, a synopsis and any related co-production information! We can't wait to hear from you!


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