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Berlinale 2016

We will be attending again this year, as per usual, the amazing Berlin International Film Festival, from Thursday 11/2 to Wednesday 17/2. But this year is even more special for us, since we'll have our very event, the OTICONS CO-PRODUCTION LOUNGE, which will be limited for 40 VIP Producers, who focus in international co-productions. The event will be hosted at the Greek Embassy-Residence, thanks to the outstanding support and aegis of the Greek Ambassador at Berlin. If you want to arrange a meeting with us, or inquire a special invitation for the event, simply email us or call us at +49 174 77 81 587 (note: this cell number will only be operational during their stay in Germany). Looking forward to seeing you there!!!

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Soundtrack Albums Released!

A digital EP release of the highly anticipated original score by Shigeru Umebayashi for the Spanish phenomenal film "LA NOVIA" has just been released on iTunes! At the same time, Henrik Skram's beautiful and inventive score for the Danish-Norwegian co-produced film, "Tordenskjold & Kold", has also been released by Quartet Records and it's now available on the label's Official Website and also on iTunes!

Shigeru Umebayashi Winner of 2 BEST MUSIC Awards!

Two awards in quick succession for "MEJOR MUSIC ORIGINAL" (Best Music) for one of the most unique composers of our times, our composer client, Shigeru Umebayashi! The original music he created for the film "LA NOVIA" (dir. by Paula Ortiz and produced by Get In The Picture Productions) has been awarded twice in the beginning of 2016 already by two of the most important Spanish events, the FEROZ AWARDS and the MEDALLAS CEC! Pretty soon the score's digital EP will also be released! Congratulations Ume!


The most Innovative, ground-breaking Film Music Competition returns for its 3rd consecutive edition! It is the only film music competition in the world that aims to become a game-changer in the industry by discovering, nurturing and cultivating film composing talents with a unique voice, is back again! Oscar-winning composers, acclaimed film professionals, organizations and international festivals support this unique project again and welcome you to the OTICONS FACULTY FILM MUSIC COMPETITION 2016! And this year it also has a brand-new website & look!

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the Oticons Faculty Int'l Film Music Competition

Our passion project since 2014 has been an annual film music competition, the "Oticons Faculty". It has been praised by world-class professionals and aspiring composers as a unique and groundbreaking initiative, due to its function as a platform for talented film composers to be heard, discovered and promoted in the film music world!


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